Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Songs for a friend

Recently I was listening to the radio in the car and suddenly the song bellow started to play. I realised that the lyrics was even better than I used to think.

I remmembered the first time I heard it. It was back 2007, during the carnival's trip. I brought my guitar with me, which was passing from one hand to the other.

Then I saw that my guitar was with a newcomer called Mariana, my friend`s niece. She was kind of struggling to play the guitar but insisted to play the song bellow. If in the chords she was only having her first classes, as a singer she was much better than any of us could image - that`s why she became the singer of one of my songs.

 The song she was trying to play was this on, Teatro Mágico, Pratododia.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Upside Down, Back to front! Again...

Almost a decade ago (2004) I went for the first time to the  Anima Mundi festival, which presents animation short films. In that occasion, I had the opportunity to watch one of the best movies of my life,  Harvie Krumpet (see below). All that, just to say, that I learned the expression names this article in that movie.

That expression is only important because represents the changes that are going down in my life in the last 5 or 6 months... Work, personal life, family, friends, well, everything... it hasn't been easy, but it has been fantastic! Lots of thoughts, lots of learning...

Well, last Saturday I went to a Nightclub where I used to go and have lots of fun years ago. As usual, it was really great, and, to end up even better, I heard one new song, of a new band (new only for me), and that can (or cannot) represent the renovation in my musical life too! But, represents, at least, a new possibility...

A music to sing out loud, to feel in my ear, to feel in my throat and to feel deep into my cells. Strong bass, strong guitar chords, pumping blood through my veins... No bother with the lyrics, JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND FEEL THE MUSIC ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

Music: What you know
Album: Tourist History
Band: Two Door Cinema  Club
Realesed: 2010

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

At your best, at your worst...

Time for a reflexion: eyerphones on, and Sister Hazel playing...

Everybody takes bad and good decisions, minute after minute, including accepting and facing challanges that you may or may not overcome.

As a matter of fact musics can be meaninful at some stage of your life for any special reason, like presenting a perfect match between the lyrics and the precise moment you're living... but that's not the case, this music represents for me a moment complete disconnection between the actual life and those three minutes during the music on the radio.

The depth of the diving that I took brings with it lots of pressure , that even try to force me to think about a connection between life and lyrics.

But, life is to short to worry to much, and musicavlly pleasent moments are even shorter and must be enjoyed in the depth it deserves, that we deserve!

Glad to present: Sister Hazel, At your Worst

Friday, July 01, 2011

I won't give it up that easily...

Good old days... I like remembering, every single day, how expending the whole night long dancing was good. Fortunately, my "hang-out-friends" are living happy days in Ireland... I am kind of jealous I must say, but happy to the extreme, challenging myself in every step I take, learning and enjoying each second...Well, but apart from my nostalgy and "Saudade" (english speakers need to create a word for that), let's talk about music, that's why I'm here for!

Few days ago my brother gave me a lift to work (my car was fixing, fu**ing son of a b*tch that hit my rear), and we were listening to a radio program that only plays songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's, and between the songs, people call and talk about the that good old days and what they were doing by that time. Well, listening to all that, we heard this song "give it up", and just like a tsunami, thousands of thoughts and remembrances ran through my head... The three stupid friends jerking around with everyone, dancing and flerting with girls, making all kind of friends, and making the most of now, mainly after two a.m. when they apparentely poured a "magic pouder" in the air that boosted the sensations and the happiness on the floor!

Well.. miss you guys, miss that time, and now I can happily listen to this kind of song, and know that, I am happy now, nevertheless, I've always been!

KC and The sunshine band - Give it Up

Just to let yoy know, I'm 26, and the place where we used to go is called "Trash 80's", nice tribute, isn't it?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Face the newest with the spaceman!

Well, sometimes life seems to be tough and etc., but it is usually rewarding. My vacation this year was an example of that.

There are two music that were part of my rest this year, but one phrase was remarkable: "doesn't everybody deserve to have this good life?".

Ok, it could sound cliche, but once it's writen by Dave Matthews, we should think of it a little bit more. When I was arriving in one of the most spectacular places in the bolivian desert, I had my earphones on and this song was playing.

A moment of complete epiphany, inspiration and relaxation. Enjoy the scene an the music!

Bolivian desert/ Salar de Uyuni:

By the way, I wrote about all the feeling of travelling on E-Dublin.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Single or dating, things change, a lot!

Well, there are few things that you get of hearing but you insist in disbelieve, for example: things will change when you have someone, doesn't matter how hard you try....

This song is a symbol of that for me, not because of the lyrics, but because of the situation that it brings me up.

When my friend and partner (living in Ireland), Edu Giansante, had a classic rock band, my friends and I used to go to his concerts and dance like stupid, making some play on words and mimics over the real song. A bunch of friends, free of prejudice, having fun and laughing by no reason! That's my memory...

Nowadays, we're all dating, committed with our jobs and MBA, what happens to make these moments much less often than I wanted. Talking like that, it seems that it was years and years ago, but it hasn't have more than three years.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Important by itself...

Well, some songs are important because they simply are! Everythig I remember about this song is that it was ALWAYS number 2 or 3 of the daily top 10, just like that Green Day's song, do you remember?

They both are from the same period of my life (obviously, cause they are from 1997 and 1998), when I was just figuring out what music was in my poor life, 2 or 3 years before I start to play the guitar.

I also remember that they performed a concert in São Paulo many years later, I still liked the band, but it was really expensive and I wasn't excited and "rich" enough to pay for it...

This song reached the number 1 in the US (but not in Brazil as I told in the beginning =o)

Music: Never There
Album: Prolonging the Magic
Band: Cake
Realesed: 1998